Low Poly Nature Pack – Now at an Exclusive Black Friday Discount!

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since we’ve posted, and we’ve got some exciting updates to share with you. Big news first: our ‘Low Poly Nature Pack Sale’ is now on, offering a massive 70% discount on our “Low Poly Nature: Lush and Diverse Environments” pack. This sale, available on the Unreal Engine Marketplace and our Gumroad store, is a fantastic opportunity for game developers and 3D artists.

  • New Release: Our “Low Poly Nature: Lush and Diverse Environments” pack launched in September. You can find it on the Unreal Engine Marketplace and Unity Asset Store.
  • Gumroad Store: We’ve opened a store on Gumroad! The Low Poly Nature pack there contains both versions and Blender Source files!
  • Free Essentials Pack: We’re giving away the “Low Poly Nature: Essentials” pack for free!

When we were developing our “Forgotten Graveyards” pack, we shared some early work on social media. Based on your feedback, we realized that a complete graveyard-themed pack needed to include nature models too. This turned into a much bigger project than anticipated. So, we decided to focus on creating these nature models first. It took several months of hard work, but we loved every bit of it!

The Low Poly Nature: Lush and Diverse Environments pack is our comprehensive collection designed for creators who value detail and diversity in their game environments. It boasts over 800 high-quality, game-ready 3D models, ranging from detailed flora like bushes and shrubs to larger terrain features like mountains and islands. Each model is crafted to add depth and vibrancy to your game worlds, while keeping the charm of low-poly art. Whether you’re working on a fantasy adventure or a serene exploration game, this pack has something to enhance every scene. For a more detailed look at what’s inside and how it can elevate your project, head over to the full description.

The Essentials pack is a curated set of 62 3D low-poly models taken from the full pack. Perfect to get you going! You can get Unity-only version on Unity Asset Store or Gumroad for a version that includes Blender source files! Unreal and Godot versions are in the works.

Wrapping things up, let’s back track to Low Poly Nature Pack Sale! This is our largest sale ever, at a whopping 70% off! This offer is live both on the Unreal Engine Marketplace and our Gumroad store with code BF2023. But keep an eye on the calendar – this deal is only valid until Wednesday, December 3rd (11:59 PM EST).

Happy creating!

  Vertex Machine

PS. We love hearing from you! If you have any feedback or want to share your creations, don’t hesitate to reach out or join our community on Discord.

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